Our Creation Flow

People and Creativity towards Value

The origins

Paper is still as omnipresent as ever and this despite a general awareness of environmental issues and the preservation of our planet.

We were particularly surprised that in the era of digitalization, when you arrive at the reception of a hotel or the reception of a company, you find yourself facing a registration book in which you have to write down all your information and wait patiently for a copy of your identity card to be made.

The creation

This experience was repeated over and over again and we decided to start working on a digital solution that would transform the reception of visitors into a modern and unique experience!

Our future at your side

We quickly became aware that every interaction between people necessite a transfer of information. We define what kind of information, at what time and to which extend it will be shared, screened and/or transformed, in order to validate it and take the necessary action.

So the primary criteria remains people… And so are you in our focus on value proposition.
This gives us the power to walk with you through your digital transformation and look together for solutions beyond our imagination.

How to make you feel good